March 20, 2019

Home Remedies for Dealing with Bed Bugs

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If there are bed bugs in your house, the first thing to do is to assess the situation rationally. Home remedies are effective in cases when the number of parasites is small and it is precisely known where they are located.

In general, it is rather difficult to deal with bugs by home remedies since in most cases these means do not kill but only frighten the parasites. But if you nevertheless decided not to buy ready-made insecticides but to use some effective home remedy, then we would like to present you the main home remedies for dealing with bed bugs:

  • Mechanical method – using a conventional vacuum cleaner or a slipper.
  • High temperatures. Some people advise to take furniture with bugs in freezing temperatures or burn insect nests with steam and boiling water.
  • High temperatures. Some people advise to take furniture with bugs in freezing temperatures or burn insect nests with steam and boiling water.
  • Chemical solutions.
Plants with a strong smell: wormwood and tansy

Wormwood is a bitter herb with a strong smell that is well-tolerated by people. Parasites do not really like the smell of this herb, however, they do not die or run away from the apartment because of it. The maximum of what can be achieved is some calm for a while. But when the bugs get hungry again, the bitter aroma of wormwood will not stop them.

Tansy is another folk remedy for the bed bugs. This is a poisonous plant with yellow flowers that appear only in summer. Tansy is very toxic, so do not leave it freely available for children and animals. It cannot be said that the remedy is useless, but it cannot be called a panacea either. Bed bugs really run away feeling the smell of tansy – but where? They try to find a corner clean of the plant, perhaps even in another room.

Tansy, like wormwood, is well used to prevent the penetration of bed bugs into the house. Moreover, it is useful against a number of domestic parasites (cockroaches, fleas).

Chemical solutions

Many people use the usual vinegar solution for dealing with bed bugs. But it only scares the bugs for a while and almost does not harm their lives. The more concentrated vinegar solution is used, the more effective it is. It can be said that vinegar represents the same danger to the insects as it does to humans: it is destructive only in large quantities. It works best with other chemicals:

  • Mix vinegar, 90% alcohol, and naphthalene in equal parts. This mixture can be used as an alternative to the aerosol.
  • Vinegar with wormwood brew – an excellent tool for the prevention of bed bugs which is also safe for your loved ones.

In order to get rid of the insects, you can use these chemical fluids:

  • denatured alcohol;
  • ammonia;
  • kerosene;
  • naphthalene;
  • turpentine;
  • aviation fluid.

All these fluids can be used in pure form. Also, there are many chemical solutions that can be used to combat bed bugs. It should be remembered that these are toxic home remedies that are very dangerous for humans and animals. Experts do not recommend using them because of the high risk of poisoning. These are:

  • 150 ml of denatured alcohol, 40 ml of benzene, 10 ml of ammonia;
  • 200 ml of kerosene, 100 ml of cresol, 10 g of naphthalene;
  • 300 ml of denatured alcohol, 10 g of naphthalene;
  • 300 ml of ethanol, 300 ml of turpentine, 15 g of camphor oil;
  • 300 ml of turpentine and kerosene, 60 g of naphthalene;
  • 6 g of salicylic acid, 40 g of phenol, 80 ml of turpentine.

Warning! All homemade bed bug control chemicals are very poisonous. Some of the compounds may corrode rubber gloves and skin. Before starting the preparation of the solution, be sure to provide yourself with the most reliable means of protection.

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