Bed Bug Mattress and Box Spring Encasements

Bed Bug Mattress and Box Spring Encasements

Orkin Canada offers protection and peace of mind

Stop worrying about bed bugs today with the Orkin Canada bed bug certified mattress protectors.

Bed Bug Mattress and Box Spring EncasementsSpecially Designed Mattress Protectors

To protect your family and your investment in bedding from bed bugs, Orkin Canada is happy to provide bed bug certified mattress and box spring encasements. Our collection is waterproof, breathable, non-allergenic, fire retardant and impermeable to dust mites, mould, bacteria and, of course, bed bugs. This luxurious fabric is soft to the touch while conforming to fit any mattress.

Bed Bug Mattress and Box Spring EncasementsSince adult bed bugs can live for over a year after feeding, customers are advised to leave the encasements on their mattress for 18 months or longer. With this lengthy quarantine period in mind our encasements offer a unique Duo System consisting of a superior Total Mattress Encasement plus the “Simplistic” Overlay Topper with corner anchor bands, thus enabling the removal of the topper for laundering or when maintenance is required. The Duo System provides an extra layer of comfort and also allows for the option of flipping the mattress anytime during the quarantine period.

Easy to Care For

For easy care, simply wipe down or vacuum the surface to eliminate dust mites and their allergens between washings. Made of a comfortable stretch fabric and joined to our unique light weight barrier our mattress protectors are easily laundered in a hot water wash with regular detergent and a non-chlorine bleach. Use air fluff to dry or medium heat, permanent press cycle.
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