March 25, 2019

12 Amazing Facts about Bed Bugs You Need To Know

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Bed bugs are one of the most common parasites in the modern world. But what do we actually know about these insects? We would like to present to your attention 10 incredibly interesting facts about bed bugs that you need to know.

1. Bugs are active mostly at night. Their favorite hunting time is from 3 am to 7 am, when the hosts sleep peacefully, and therefore, are defenseless. As scientific experiments have shown, bed bugs have a good sense of direction in a dark bedroom.

2. Bedbugs are picky eaters. Bed bugs are really picky when it comes to choosing a victim. For example, in an ordinary apartment, where a family of three or four persons lives, bed bugs can bite only one or two family members. It is connected with banal characteristics such as skin thickness and the "freshness" of the blood. Therefore, in the initial stages of infecting an apartment, bed bugs can choose more delicious prey. Therefore, children and ukrainian ladies dating with delicate skin are primarily affected. When the number of bed bugs becomes much larger, they begin to bite all households.

3. Bugs can be found in clothing. Bed bugs use clothing, bags, and other personal properties as vehicles for long journeys. In this way, parasites explore new living quarters and gradually occupy the world.

4. Bed bugs leave small black specks. As a rule, it is their fecal traces, which are concentrated in the habitats of the insects. Such black specks can be found on the bed, wallpapers, curtains, and other surfaces.

5. The myth of the super-vitality of bed bugs during starvation is based on inaccurate data and is widespread on the Internet. In normal conditions, these parasites live on average for 2-3 months without food. However, air temperature plays a big role.

6. There is no need to throw out the mattress if there are bugs in it. Most often, upholstered furniture may be liable to insecticidal treatment. Of course, there are exceptional cases. If the mattress (or sofa) is already old, it is better to take advantage of the situation and get rid of the “rarity”.

7. Bed bugs prefer night-time but they are not afraid of the light. If they are hungry, they will not miss the opportunity to attack the victim at any time of the day.

8. Bed bugs do not withstand 50 degrees of frost. Studies have shown that a temperature of -30˚C is critical for them.

9. Female bed bugs do not have mating holes. Males have to drill it with the help of their bent and sharp penis. Thus, the male leaves the sperm anywhere: in the head, in the stomach, in the legs of the female bug. In such conditions, the majority of spermatozoids die without fulfilling their purpose, so the bug tries to leave the sperm in as many places as possible.

10. The habits of bed bugs are simple and predictable. It is primarily about eating habits. Bed bugs try to settle closer to the sleeping person, during the meal, they spend no more than 10 minutes on the body of the victim, after that they seek shelter. Adult bugs feed once a week, the larvae do it more often.

11. Bed bug bites are painless. The reason for it is their saliva that contains the anesthetic substance. It is also known that many people do not even notice that they are bitten by bugs.

12. Bed bug bites are not dangerous. The thing is that they do not transmit any diseases. However, some people have a severe allergic reaction with itchy blisters in the area of bites. There are cases when a person develops insomnia, obsessive neurosis, and other nervous disorders. So, these parasites cannot be called innocent.

Protect people you love and live happily without bed bugs!