Solution to permanent removal hair bed bugs for your children


Although it is not dangerous, the infected bed bugs can make children feel extremely itching and discomfort. But this article with the following tips will be able to beaten fast and compact destroy it to protect the children’s health.

Things to know about bed bugs

Appearing from 1,000 years ago, lice (bed bugs) is also known as even a small insect, about 2-4 mm long, living from skin and blood sucking hosts. This blood-sucking insects have many colors, from white to reddish brown, and the surprise is it like to be friends with people. Lice do not have wings, they can not fly or jump from one end to the other, but they can only crawl. Lice only live in human hair and only “illegal immigrants” into the scalp for food. Therefore, they are not stupid, it will  alarm by making you feel itchy early.

Nits will stick to the hair shaft, about 1cm from the scalp, oval and small as pinhead. A bed bug will generate little noise when crushed by the nail and hatching eggs,which will be like an empty shell. Nits hatch in 7-10 days and a female can lay 150-300 lice eggs that should be no surprise that in a short time, some of which may even create troop of several hundred alcohol.

Like adults, children also need to be  clean hair back, but when is the appropriate time for a haircut?

Effective lice elimaination treatments

Isolate the baby’s head lice from effective instruction to destroy them because after isolation, they die very quickly, usually within 24 hours. The main options to remove them is to use chemical, herbal and handicraft. However, if you do not ever choose not adequate capital, it may combine this solution 3 for children.

Treatments with chemicals: Most shampoos and medications power available at the pharmacy or supermarket can be used for the baby, as long as not used more than once  per week and not for use in children below 2 years old.

Lice treatments for children

Schools and the collective environment is place where most contagious lice appear

Herbal Treatments: These will often contain ingredients like tea tree oils and lavender and many parents have been successful when applied. However, parents should note, tea tree oil can irritate the scalp in some babies. The use of chemicals or herbs should be performed 2 times, each separated by 1 week. The first attack will destroy the lice are present and 2nd will sweep them , which is hatched lice after the first attack.

Combined conditioner and comb your hair: Use a conditioner and combing for 10 days and every 2 days / times until no lice are found again. Not a product on the market that uses media prevention, so the best way is to clean up exercise on an ongoing basis each time the infection from spreading. Mom should not hide that children with lice, they should inform the other parent to check what is a kid anymore. Thus, it helps to prevent the lice outbreaks and spread.

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